Frequent Ask Questions-

1) When and How do I pay?

- You will pay a deposit upon setting a date, and the rest of you fee is due at the time of your session. I accept cash or checks made out to 'Makendie Williams'. Please have your payment ready. 

2) How do I pick a location?

- You can look at previous locations I have shot at on my website, blog and social media accounts or I can pick one of my favorites for you! I will do my best to find a location that matches what you are wanting but I can't promise a field of flowers in the winter.

3) What if I need to reschedule?

- Please give me as much of a notice as possible! You can reschedule once free of charge if I have dates available. 

4) What should I wear?

- Don't try to go out of your personal style, because you most likely won't be happy with it! I would not recommend having everyone wear the same shades of color because you will all blend in and look like one. I recommend picking a color pallet with neutrals and a pop of color! Check out pintrest for color ideas! Try to stay away from all white (unless you are a bride), it will wash you out and I would also avoid red! My favorite color for pictures are pastels. Avoid wearing clothes with lots of words, logos or busy patterns. Just dress nicely and you will look great! Below is examples of colors that go well together! 

5) How long does a session take?

Usually around an hour and a half depending on the type of session.

6) What time will we start the session?

- I start shooting about an hour and a half before the sun goes down. This is when you get the best lighting- I don't shoot any other time of day unless we have to. 

7) How long will it take to get my pictures back?

- I try very hard to get them back to you within two to three weeks. 

8) How do you choose which pictures to edit?

- I choose my favorite images to edit. I look through them several times and look for things such as lighting and focus to make sure I give you a high quality image. I promise I choose the best ones. (; 

9) What if I want to see all the picture that you took? Can I get the unedited images?

- Sorry, I don't show my negatives to anyone. You will only receive the edited images I choose. 


Email Makendie with any other question!