Makendie Williams: Blog en-us Makendie Williams (Makendie Williams) Mon, 08 Jun 2020 04:52:00 GMT Mon, 08 Jun 2020 04:52:00 GMT Makendie Williams: Blog 80 120 Yosemite Wedding I have no words for this wedding. It was an absolute dream to photograph Nicole and Skylar in the breathtaking Yosemite State Park in California. The pictures speak for themselves. It was a magical day I am so glad I was able to be apart of it. Not to mention getting to work with my favorite Bailey Dougan who made an unreal video. Here is the link be sure to check it out she is crazy talented

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Kage & Hannah Meet Hannah & Kage!! I actually captured Hannahs older sister wedding this past summer so I was super excited when she contacted me about capturing engagements pictures for her. Kage is in the Air Force he is like the movie Top Gun and is a super cool flightier pilot. These two had a small window to get some pictures taken and I am so glad it worked out I later found out that after these pictures were taken they ended up getting married that night because of all the craziness with being in the military and Kage heading to England!! So Congrats to these two!! <3 They are going to have so many amazing adventures together living in England.  

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Derek & Ashley Engagments We went on quite the adventure to capture these fun engagements of Derek & Ashley the drive was worth the views!! 

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Dylan & Mckalea Cedar Mountain Bridals I can't even handle this session it was such a dream and so many heart eyes for these two! I absolutely loved photographing Dylan and McKaela not only are they the sweetest couple ever but they are also so easy to photograph just look at them! <3 Dylan grew up in Cedar City and spent his summers on the mountain it was such a perfect location with the perfect lighting through the quacky trees and a perfect sunset to end the night! 

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Daniel & Asia Bridals Daniel & Asia

I have said this before and I will say it again I vote all session to be on the mountains especial in the the summer-perfect weather and wildflowers what more could you want! Daniel and Asia were so much fun to capture. We did the sweetest first look Daniels reaction was so cute! These two completely adore each other and I loved being able to capture their love! 


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Lauren & Tucker Bridals Lauren and I went to highschool together and I am so happy for her and Tucker! I love seeing her so happy! We captured their bridals at the red hills golf course which is where I had my bridals taken as well so I love it there with the mixture of green willow tree and red rocks.

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MaKaela & Dylan Engagements I have no words for these two! I mean first off look how good they look together and secondly they have the sweetest connection! I loved getting to capture them together! I can't wait for their big day! 

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Madi & Preston Zions Bridals Madi & Preston are such a fun couple. So story time we drove from St.George to Zions National Park which is about a 45 minute drive well we were doing a first look so Preston had his tie wrapped around his eyes the whole ride up and its a pretty windee road! Talk about a trooper! Once we got there we were looking for some shade to do the first look and found these cute buildings so we did the first look and were take a few more pictures when a park ranger came over and was asking us who owned the car long story short we got kicked out but luckily we had already finished the first look. So we then headed into the park and realized we had to catch the bus in there wedding attire to the location we were wanting so we took the bus to the weeping willow rock which was amazing with a huge waterfall. Zions National Park is an amazing location and it helped that I had great models. (;

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Cherida & Ryan Engagements Cherida & Ryan- aren't they dreamy together! I had so much fun capturing there engagements and wedding day! I love when my couples have such a natural chemistry together and make my job easy it makes the session so fun and the pictures always turn out the best! So tip for your engagement session just pretend I am not there and just be yourself together.  

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Tyson & Kaitlyn Backyard Wedding I love when my couples choose my wedding package so I get to photograph their engagements, bridals and wedding day it helps me get to know them better and it really is a fun experience getting to capture their love story! Kaitlyn and Tyson are high school sweethearts and grew up together in small town Alamo. I loved getting to capture their perfect backyard wedding. Everything was perfect the decorations, weather, all the people, the dancing and yummy waffle love!

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Lauren & Caleb Las Vegas Sealing I love the Las Vegas Temple! I love all the palm trees and desert feeling so I get so excited when I get to shoot a wedding here. Lauren and Caleb were such a sweet couple. From the second they walked out the doors they were beaming with love and excitement. I loved capturing their love! 

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Tanner & Krista Meet Tanner & Krista Goodrich. Tanner was a friend of mine in highschool so when his beautiful bride Krista messaged me saying they wanted me to photograph their wedding day I was SO excited! I can't get over how good these two look together they were so fun to photograph. Tanner is in the Navy and Krista is going to school at Utah State so we weren't able to get together for bridals tell the day before the wedding which also happen to be the coldest day ever we were frozen!! But luckily wedding day- the following day was great weather and a wonderful day celebrating their love.   

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Daniel & Brooke Desert Bridals Meet Brooke and Daniel aren't they cute!! They thought it would be fun to have their bridal pictures taken with the desert scenery to represent where they were married (Las Vegas) which made me excited because you can always count on the best sunsets and I have learned to love the desert landscape it photographs really well. These two are young and in love and it makes my heart happy they have so many special adventures ahead of them and I love that they get to grow and learn together. <3 Be sure to watch their cute first look video. 

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Kory & Abby Bridals Kory and Abby were a dream to work with they share the sweetest love for one another and have the cutest love story they were definitely meant for one another. I loved being able to work with them- funny story during our engagement session they had put their car keys and cell phones in my camera bag well we went to go to a new location and I drove off with all their belongings and I couldn't figure out where they were for our second location and why they weren't answering the phone then I seen them walking down the street after 15 or so minutes and I instantly remember I had the keys to the car! I will never forget this I felt so terrible but it all worked out! These beautiful pictures were captured outside of snow canyon in St.George the winter here can't be beat! Be sure to watch the cute first look video! 

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Brecken & Sidney Pine Valley Bridals The most beautiful spring bridal session taken at the Pine Valley Mountains. I would choose to shoot all my session here if I could especially in the spring you couldn't ask for better weather I love the mountains. Brecken and Sidney are seriously the funnest, cutest couple and made my job easy! I loved getting to know them and photograph their love! <3

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Baby Camille

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Jensen Family  

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Stratton Family

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Stricker Family  


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Groll Family         

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Cameron Larson


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Alyson Egbert

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Cody Williams 2017

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Lindsey Erickson 2017

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Kinlee Marshall 2017


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Madi Soderquist 2017

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Keely Watkins 2017

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Erin & Bryce

I grew up with Erin so when she asked me to Photograph her wedding I was so excited! Mindy (Erins Mom) and my mom are best friends so it was tons of fun getting to all work together! We started with fall engagements at toniquet park one of my very favorite locations in St.George. We captured so many great shots of the two of them together. For bridals we headed to Lake Las Vegas and shot at the Hilton Hotel and let me tell you I fell in love with this location. I was like a little kid at the candy store, there was so many places to shoot. We took some breathtaking images that have definitely became favorites. The wedding was on October 28th and it was magical! Erin was a beautiful bride and it melted my heart to way that Bryce looked at her. It was an overcast day at the Las Vegas Temple which made for the best lighting. And for the reception we had a perfect night with delicious food, the cutest decorations like seriously it was amazing it look straight out of a magazine, lots of fun dancing, amazing singing and love! I had the best time photographing these two and being apart of their big day! 


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